Corn field

Agriculture is the foundation on which the Vermilion Region was built. Since the area was first settled in the early 1900’s, agriculture has played a vital role in the development of the region.  Agriculture is the region’s second largest industry, pumping over 1 billion dollars into the economy.  The industry includes grain, oil seeds, beef, hogs, specialized livestock, and dairy products. The region is host to numerous trade shows, seminars and sales related to the agriculture industry.  

Northern Central Livestock Exchange Ltd. (NCL) is independently owned and operated and is the largest cattle auction market in Canada.  Located adjacent to Vermilion, NCL is located in the centre of the highest concentration of cow-calf pairs per acre in all of Canada.  Their field reps look after the market needs of our producers from British Columbia to Manitoba.  Their professional sales staff includes experience field reps, order buyers, and champion auctioneers with their buyers market reaching far into eastern Canada and extending into the northern United States. The staff is available seven days per week, 365 days per year.

Lakeland college's roots in agricultural education go back more than 100 years. Today the college's programming is more than hands-on, it's student-managed.  That is what makes a Lakeland College ag education different. Students learn the theory behind the decisions, then apply it to actual projects. Whether they are involved in the Student-Managed Farm (SMF) - Powered by New Holland, running a business through the Student Managed Enterprise, hosting a working cow horse competition, or creating a nutrition and exercise plan for plump pets, students are actively involved in their learning. Students work together to make production and management decisions and initiate new research projects.